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Profile of the firm

An integrated set of services

Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada) Inc. is a private Canadian consulting firm headquartered in the province of Quebec. The firm maintains a worldwide capacity of intervention, as exemplified by its experience in more than 120 countries. EEC Canada provides to its clients an integrated set of services, ranging from a conceptual understanding of the issues to direct operational support. In addition, EEC Canada has consolidated its capacity building capabilities across the world, by offering under its umbrella the services of a full-fledged permanent team of national professionals in all continents.


A vision of economics at the intersection of theory and practice

For the EEC team, more than being a coherent theoretical universe, a collection of tools, or a set of empirical rules, economics is a way of thinking which, when practised, provides a unique and practical perspective on the situations it is applied to. Understood in this way, economics has an enormous range of application extending across all areas of economic and social life and encompassing the private and public sectors of developed and developing nations.

National and International Experience

The professionals of EEC Canada have had the opportunity to carry out national and international mandates.

Areas of expertise

The projects Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada) carries out are in the fields of applied economics and management, and cover a broad range of sectors of activity.

Spheres of intervention

The activities of EEC Canada have more specifically developed in three main evidence-driven spheres of intervention:

  • Public policy
  • Complex management issues in small, medium or large organisations (private, State, COOPs, NPOs, publicly-traded, etc.) 
  • Services in support of business transactions

Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada)