Spheres of intervention

The activities of EEC Canada have more specifically developed in three main evidence-driven spheres of intervention:

  • Public policy
  • Complex management issues in small, medium or large organisations (private, State, COOPs, NPOs, publicly-traded, etc.) 
  • Services in support of business transactions

Public policy

In the sphere of public policy, EEC Canada acts notably in cases involving:

  • Support for the development of the private sector (i.e.: examination of incentive policies, taxation, investment rules, niche studies or sector analyses)
  • Social policies (i.e.: poverty reduction, job creation, health and social services access)
  • Questions of regulatory compliance and coherence of public and private interests (i.e.: rates and pricing, maintenance of conditions of healthy competition, granting of licenses and permits)
  • Regional, spatial, and municipal economics
  • Macro-economics: monetary policy, modelling, analysis of public investment planning, mobilisation of national savings

Extensive experience in program evaluation

The evaluation of policies, programs, projects, and regulatory frameworks make up a large part of the mandates EEC Canada has carried out. The core competencies used include: cost-benefit analysis, surveys, focus groups and roundtables, the construction of simulation and impact models.

Complex management issues of organisations

In the sphere of complex management issues of organisations, EEC Canada carries out:

  • Organisational and institutional diagnostics in dynamic environments where participants interact within systems without hierarchy, or with a distributed or multi-level grid hierarchy
  • Analyses and recommendations concerning the use of quantitative tools and methods for decision making (i.e. in matters of pricing, network development, implementation of internal pricing systems, or specialisation within multi-organisation groups)
  • Strategic consulting in the context of technological discontinuities
  • Market or project studies in the context of new products or services, or emerging technologies
  • Analyses and business plans for businesses evolving in an environment of high uncertainty (i.e. with deficient overall support systems, in new markets)

Services in support of business transactions

In the sphere of transaction support, EEC Canada provides a broad range of economic and strategic expertise in transactional contexts, including notably:

  • Enterprise evaluation
  • Investment portfolio evaluation
  • Establishment of asset valuation strategy
  • Establishment of divestment strategy
  • Due diligence
  • Privatisation/restructuring of public enterprises
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing strategy of the sale or purchase of assets

Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada)