A vision of economics at the intersection of theory and practice

For the EEC team, more than being a coherent theoretical universe, a collection of tools, or a set of empirical rules, economics is a way of thinking which, when practised, provides a unique and practical perspective on the situations it is applied to. Understood in this way, economics has an enormous range of application extending across all areas of economic and social life and encompassing the private and public sectors of developed and developing nations.

Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada) was created in 1981, more than 42 years ago, the ambition of its founders to establish the firm permanently in the front-ranks of Canadian economic and management consulting firms.

This ambition was sustained by an observation and a conviction. The observation was dual: that of an under-utilisation of the potential of applied economics by private and public decision-makers, combined with a general unawareness of this potential among those decision-makers. The conviction was and remains that the practised, imaginative, and advanced application of the methods and principles of economics provides a significant contribution to the analyses inherent in decision-making.

Far from providing pre-established analytical matrices and cookie-cutter solutions, economic analysis strength lies in allowing its users to approach problems in all their complexity, to reveal and articulate the key aspects, and to express the issues they give rise to, in the context of the concerns and goals of the organisations involved.

EEC Canada and its consultants have been able to put this vision of economic consulting into practice thanks to the always renewed trust of the firm’s national and international clients. EEC’s core team of professionals have developed over time integrated and systematic methods, approaches and work-habits.

The close ties that the members of the EEC team maintain with the academic world contribute significantly to this continuing development.

Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada)