Profile of the firm

An integrated set of services

Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada) Inc. is a private Canadian consulting firm headquartered in the province of Quebec. The firm maintains a worldwide capacity of intervention, as exemplified by its experience in more than 120 countries. EEC Canada provides to its clients an integrated set of services, ranging from a conceptual understanding of the issues to direct operational support. In addition, EEC Canada has consolidated its capacity building capabilities across the world, by offering under its umbrella the services of a full-fledged permanent team of national professionals in all continents.


Today, Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada), is an important multilingual consulting firm, anchored in North America in the fields of applied economics and management consulting. Most key senior team members are fluent in English, French, and at least in another language from the following list: Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian. Its permanent team of national professionals, allows EEC Canada to offer services across the globe.

EEC Canada cultivates lasting relationships with its customers. The professional services of its experts, while often originally contracted for one-off studies, are frequently carried on in the context of long-term service arrangements. These long-term relationships, becoming more and more characteristic of EEC Canada’s work arrangements, have developed thanks to the professionalism and ethics of the firm’s consultants.

Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada)